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Digital X-Ray

  • Lackawanna mobile x-ray provides superior digital mobile x-ray services to long term care facilities, assisted living facilities, home health providers, correctional care facilities, senior communities and professional sports teams.
  • This technology allows images to be viewed immediately while uploaded from the patients bedside insuring faster turn around times.
  • LMX services are available 24/7/365.
  • All xray exams are preformed by licensed radiologic technologists and interpreted by board certified state licensed radiologists.
  • With over 35 years experience in the mobile diagnostic industry, our services are second to none!

Expert Mobile X-Ray Services
Mobile diagnostic Services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Continuous response eliminates patients' stress associated with travel to outside health facilities. 24/7 access can be vital in emergency situations, where saving time is critical, and support staff is scarce.

Our mobile x-ray services are performed promptly, on demand. We utilize a new state-of the-art computer voice mail and GPS system that pages our field technicians instantly and continuously until contact is made. This enables us to offer the fastest, most reliable response rate in the industry.

Because we use in-house radiologic technologists, and we work with local physicians for exam interpretation, we can provide results by telephone within hours of a procedure, and same-day fax results. On-Line Reporting & Image Viewing is also available.

Learn more about the Lackawanna mobile x-ray team here.

Mobile Diagnostic Services

Mammography van is a 28 foot self-contained coach to provide
 Digital Mammograms with a Hologic Selenia Base System.


Experience the Best in Mobile X-Ray Services
E-Mail or Call Us Today at 877-684-9729

"The portable x-ray industry saves Medicare nearly $2.5 billion annually on ambulance and hospital admission fees."

—House Committee on Small Business report

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