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Lackawanna Mobile X-Ray, Inc. provides high quality bedside radiology and cardiology services, such as X-Rays, Electrocardiograms, 24 Hour Holter Monitors, Mammograms, Ultrasounds, Vascular Studies, Nurse's Aid Training Video Library, Complete Health Fair Support, and other additional features. These medical diagnostic services are developed especially for nursing homes, personal care homes, patients' homes, hospitals, medical centers, and any other facility in need throughout Northeastern and Pennsylvania. 

Our purpose is to offer extended care facilities with all the advantages of an in-house radiology / x-ray and cardiology department without incurring the costly overhead of maintaining such an operation. In doing so, our concept for success is safety, convenience, reliability and expediency. We do our very best to see that your patients are well cared for and comfortable.

Our medical diagnostic services will provide your residents and staff with the added benefits of eliminating the costly expense of ambulance transportation, excessive movement of the patient, the stress commonly associated by geriatric patients when they are moved from their familiar surroundings, the exposure to nature's elements during inclement weather, and makes waiting in other facilities unnecessary.

We, at Lackawanna Mobile X-Ray, Inc., employ local registered radiologic technologists, and we work with local physicians in offering the very best care for your patients. We will work with the physician for the interpretation of our examinations, and offer same day verbal reports. Our written results will be mailed, faxed, or personally delivered within 24 hours of the examination for your convenience and the patient's safety. We are an approved Medicare and
Medical Assistance Provider.

Because your patients become familiar with our people through regular visits, your patients are treated like one of our family. This means they deserve the very best attention and care. We, at Lackawanna Mobile X -Ray, Inc., invite you to be a part of our family by asking more about our services, for your residents...

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