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Our services are accredited by the FDA and
 the ACR (American College of Radiology)

Lackawanna Mobile X-Ray Inc. provides mobile EKG / Electrocardiograph examinations with fast, accurate results, usually within 2 minutes of completing the test.

Our electrocardiograph is designed to provide consistently accurate diagnostic records with maximum definition and fidelity. It is both light weight and compact, and its internal nickel -cadmium battery pack makes it ideal in emergencies, where AC power may be unavailable.

The computerized EKG / Electrocardiograph report will be reviewed by an internist, cardiologist, or patient's physician within 24 hours. The report will normally include a complete interpretation: Heart Rate, Morphological and Rythm Analysis, PR Interval, QT, Corrected QT, QRS duration, and P-QRS-T Axis Measurement.

To ensure expediency, the report will then be personally delivered, mailed or faxed to your facility at your discretion, along with On-Line Reporting.

Ekg Tracing

Learn more about the Lackawanna mobile EKG team here.

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"The portable x-ray industry saves Medicare nearly $2.5 billion annually on ambulance and hospital admission fees."

—House Committee on Small Business report

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