EKG / Electrocardiograph Services

Lackawanna Mobile X-Ray, Inc. provides EKG examinations with quick, accurate results. Our technicians will provide a result within 2 minutes after the test is taken. An internist, cardiologist, or the patient's physician will over read the computerized EKG report within 24 hours. This report will be personally delivered, mailed or faxed to your facility to assure you expediency.

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The report will usually include a complete interpretation.  This includes Heart Rate, Morphological and Rythm Analysis, PR Interval, QT, Corrected QT, QRS duration, and P-QRS-T Axis Measurement.

Our electrocardiograph is designed and manufactured to provide consistently accurate diagnostic records with maximum definition and fidelity. This is a highly effective diagnostic tool because of its light weight, compact dimensions, and its internal nickel-cadmium battery pack. In an emergency, this equipment is highly operable because of its portability and unnecessary use of AC power.

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EKG Services
Lackawanna Mobile X-ray, Inc. provides EKG examinations with quick, accurate results.

These results provided within 2 minutes after the test is taken.

Tracing sent to cardiologist same day for professional interpretation.

We utilize state of the art computerized equipment

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