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Reliable X-Ray Copying Services

We provide X-Ray copies to hospitals, nursing homes, physicians, various medical facilities, attorneys, legal services, private patients, insurance companies and any other interested parties.

We ship anywhere in the world. US customers can choose overnight and 2-Day Air in addition to standard ground services. For international customers we will strive to provide the most appropriate method of shipping to your specific destination.

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For Attorneys
Attorneys, lawyers, and legal service offices specializing in personal injury litigation, medical malpractice and workers compensation cases can rely on our expertise in their case preparation, jury trials, depositions, mediations and settlement disputes.

For Hospitals and Medical Facilities
We provide quality x-ray film duplication of medical images for nursing homes, personal care homes, hospitals, MRI centers, hospices, and medical facilities.

Health care professionals, including primary care physicians, surgery specialists, internal medicine doctors from hospitals, and other medical facilities use our X-Ray copy services for duplicating their original x-ray images for private patients, insurance documentation and legal cases.

Most hospitals dispose of x-rays after several years, so we are happy to provide copies to individuals, including duplicates of their x-rays, CT scans, and MRI scans.

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"The portable x-ray industry saves Medicare nearly $2.5 billion annually on ambulance and hospital admission fees."

—House Committee on Small Business report

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