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Mobile Bone Density Testing

Many long term care facilities are viewing peripheral bone densitometry as a valuable asset to their Quality Assurance program. Establishing a baseline bone density for residents who are at risk for osteoporosis can be extremely beneficial in explaining the occurrence of fractures when no apparent injury or trauma has occurred.

We provide our customers with osteoporosis screenings using the most advanced peripheral dexa scan equipment. This compact, easily transportable unit provides quick, easy assessment of bone density at the heel in just a few seconds.

Bone density results are calculated automatically and instantly printed out in a comprehensive, full color report with precise bone density measurement in grams per square centimeter. In addition, a graph is produced which compares the patient's bone density against a reference population.


Learn more about the Lackawanna mobile bone density testing team here.


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"The portable x-ray industry saves Medicare nearly $2.5 billion annually on ambulance and hospital admission fees."

—House Committee on Small Business report

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